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Other Who is the best YT creator to learn about how to use a digital camera?


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Hey, All: My friend helped me to get a new digital camera. I got a Panasonic LUMIX G100. Not the top of the line but not the $40 Kodak throw away either! So now, I have got pretty much the basics down, but as many of you out there with digital cameras know, there4 are a crap load of buttons and dials and settings and I want to begin the process of learning about all of thosde things a little at a time and I am reaching out and asking any of you for suggestions of YT creators who you think might be good for beginners? I'm looking for the kind of person who will walk through each of the settings that most digital cameras have and explain in reasonable detail how they work and why I might want touse each one of them! That sort of thing...

I would be grateful for any help on this.....Thanks,