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YouTube Question Question about uploading videos as a 'draft' ..


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When I upload multiple videos at one time it uploads them as a 'draft'. It then allows me to put in all my metadata and thumbnails, etc for each video BEFORE the video gets to any other status.

Is there a way to upload a single video as a 'draft'?

I guess even more to the point, if I upload to PRIVATE mode, does YouTube leave that video alone and 'hand-off' as far as all the algorythms trying to figure out what to do with each video, OR, does YouTube wait until you make the video PUBLIC before it starts that process?

My motivation for asking is because I just want to confirm at what point does YouTube algorythms start? I want to be able to upload my videos and have the time to set everything up prioperly before all that process starts!

Please let me know what you all think on this one ....


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I usually upload my videos (one video at a time) and I set them to private. Once, I publish (or set to public), that is where YouTube picks up my videos and promotes me. As for time, I keep my eyes on my channel analytics. i judged that most of my audience are active on Tuesday 5pm. So, once I put all the titles, description, tags and thumbnails, I schedule the video to be released on that time. AND IT DOES WORK. When I upload on other times, I get less views. But if I stick to analytics, I get lot of views. I think YouTube algorithm knows your video only after you publish. Check your analytics for the best time to publish.


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I am having exactly the same problem. It is becoming a real nuisance to then have to switch on my laptop each time and go through the process to publish!