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Official Bulk Update, Cards and End Screen Bug - [07/01/2022]

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Nody | Team TB

TubeBuddy Staff
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Heya TubeBuddies! We have an ongoing outage and have identified a bug for Card and End-screen feature, due to the same, you will not be able to use our bulk card and end-screen tool feature. Our developers are working on the issue as we speak however, we have not been given any sort of ETA for its resolution. As soon as the issue is resolved or we get any sort of update on it, we will be making an announcement regarding the same.

We really apologise for the inconvenience caused due to this and appreciate all the patience here.

Thank you!!

For more information on this bug, you can visit our TubeBuddy Blog where we have mentioned all the details about it -

Not open for further replies.