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Other Request for recommendation on tool for on-screen drawing (one-hand use only!)


Recognized Member
I am going to be doing some tutorial videos and recording my screen and I would like to have a drawing tool so that I can say draw lines, circles around what I'm talking about or anything I want to call atention to on the screen. My issue is that I have palsy on my left side that effects my hand, so it is hard for me to use 2 hand for the minor dextarity stuff. So, for example, it would be hard for me to hold the CTRL key for very long while trying to talk and record my screen at the same time. Very quickly my hand will start to wander o its own and I would get undesired results!

So, if there is one out there, preferably FREE that I can set up to use one-handed I would be grateful to anyone who can offer me the information so I can go download it!

Windows 10 might already do this I have just never done it before!

With Gratitude, Steven