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Other Credit "Cloud" for DaVinci Resolve


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My latest project was one focusing on fallen police officers. I thought at the end it would have been appropriate to add a number of names in a "cloud ", if you can envision that. It would be like a keyword cloud on a blog. The thing is, I'd have no idea how to create something like this. I've search the internet for similar ideas and nothing's turned up. If anyone here has the know how or recommend a software to create this it would be much apricated.


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In Davinci Resolve, I would do this on the Fusion tab. You can create all your text elements and then if you wish to animate them you can set keyframes and such.

The alternative is to do them in another app and export it as a video clip that you can import into Resolve. For example some people make things in Keynote or Powerpoint or Google Slides and then screen record to a video clip as a work around.