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GFX/VFX Channel Looking for Collabs Related to GRAPHIC DESIGN


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User name: jawadsoomro
Title: Looking for Collabs Related to GRAPHIC DESIGN
Age: 34
Type of collaboration: I am open to all types of collaborations. If you are Graphic designer, then we could have live stream discussing about designing topics. If you are comedy channel, I can contribute too. If you want to discuss about First World Issues, also welcome. I am LGBTQ person, so I would like to collab with Similar Interests. If you are from Pakistan, then its a BONUS. We can make reels and videos together.
Amount of Subscribers: 1680
Ways to contact you: Thread Reply
Why should they collaborate with you: Collaborating actually improve chances of both channels small or big to grow even more.
Link to Channel: www.youtube.com/@jawadsoomro