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YouTube Question how does the algorithem work?


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I can tell you from my experience the last couple of months, the algorithm likes a channel that keeps on making content. It seems to favor "momentum".

Bravestarr | Team TB

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2 things:

1) I doubt anyone here actually knows how the YouTube algorithm (assuming that's what you're asking about) works because that's a strongly kept Google/Alphabet secret for obvious reasons.

2) If someone actually did know (amazingly) I doubt they would share that information because "that's a strongly kept Google/Alphabet secret for obvious reasons".

Either way, it wouldn't matter because the YouTube algorithm is constantly changing to keep up with what's trending and what gets YouTube more ad revenue.

So if your goal was to find some kind of secret to work the algorithm in your favor I'm sorry to say there is none. YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to grow, it takes a lot of good content and more than anything it takes an audience interested in your content.


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The secret to get the algorithm to show your content more is to make quality content, post it regularly and make sure to optimize your content with TubeBuddy.