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YouTube SEO Music video with more serious video material: focus #'s and title on one aspect or not?


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When uploading a music video with a serious theme, my YT "video suggestions" are really low (5-10%, ...with music videos its ~90%)
Do I have to keep title, hashtags (music vs. war) and category (musik. Vs news)in one direction an not mix war #'s and music #'s?

Thank you :)

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That's a tough question... in large part because I am not really understanding what you are saying. But I will say this; you need to focus on what the viewer is going to see and what they are looking for. Sometimes this means that you may get fewer views, but in reality those views should be better views from an audience who is more in tune with the content that you are creating.
You need to put metadata/SEO etc into your video that helps YouTube to identify who this needs to be served to, but at the end of the day it is the human being on the other end of this connection that you are trying to reach and you need to cater to that person.


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If you're asking why the difference in SEO between "Music & War" vs "Music Only", those are 2 very different targets so perhaps it's a bit conflicting for your channel to have such diverse videos. How are the views for each, if the difference is vast then that tells you everything you need to know.