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Need Advice How to improve titles or seo

Bravestarr | Team TB

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Well, if you want help with SEO the TubeBuddy app can help with that. The video below can help with that.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAqfpr91CCA

As for being creative this all depends on the content you're creating. The best thing you can do is try the Video A/B Testing feature on TubeBuddy under the Legendary subscription otherwise you can do this manually by creating multiple titles and changing them manually at specific intervals, say every 12 or 24 hours (Video A/B testing can do this automatically for you) for a specific amount of days and then look at the analytics to see what titles had better results.


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A few pointers from myself:
1. Like someone said above, use questions in your titles. People are likely to click if your video title asks a question that the audience wants an answer to.

2. Similar to questions, use question words like "WHY" and "HOW," even with statements. For example, "WHY Youtubers use THIS TOOL for writing Headlines" (this is probably a terrible name, lol, but the usage of the question word in a statement is what I'm trying to get across here).

3. Use the hour format for times in your title. What I'm trying to say here is.... instead of writing a title like "I ate like a Llama for 1 day," write "I ate like a Llama for 24 hours," and people eat that up. I also recommend using numbers in your titles as a general point; I've heard that odd numbers appeal to people more (idk why, though).

4. Give a call to action for your intended audience. I've seen people do this sometimes, where if your video is targeted for Youtubers, you can say "YOUTUBERS: You HAVE to Use THIS TOOL NOW!" or like, since I'm a weight loss youtuber, I could write something like "3 Exercises FAT PEOPLE Have to STOP!"

I've heard a few things every now and then, like everyone else has, but those are the top 4 things that I generally do when crafting titles of my own. This is paired well with the A/B testing feature that TubeBuddy offers so you can switch out your titles periodically / automatically. I hope this helps!