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Vlog Channel Food Review Videos


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Subscriber Goal
User name: Pips
Title: Food Review Videos
Age: 20-50
Type of collaboration: Is anybody interested in collaborating on food challenges, food reviews, how fast food restaurants are different in your country vs US, and ideas? I have over 4,000 subs but looking to expand and do some great collabs with other channels, not all of us will be a perfect match, but we can explore.
Amount of Subscribers: 4,381
Ways to contact you: email - pipia3221@gmail.com
Why should they collaborate with you: I'm an up-and-coming food channel, with a little humor and not like the traditional food channels on YouTube. I like to add a little comedy to catch people a little off guard, but I do a lot of serious as well. All reviews are honest and clean. I do some videos that aren't just food which get some good views. Check out my channel to see if we are a good fit.
Link to Channel: youtube.com/coffeewithpips
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