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Need Advice Its okey if in one week i just upload one video ?


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Posting regularly has lost some of it's importance compared to what it used to be, but it is not totally irrelevant. What matters more is how good and engaging the video is (as it should be). Under the older way it was fine if you were already successful and had the resources to make it happen. The problem was that this was all the focus was on, so even more established channels slacked off on quality, which makes the viewer suffer, and ultimately makes YouTube suffer if their users aren't staying.

Shifting importance to quality benefits smaller channels who have things like work, family, and other responsibilities. Not too mention they may not have the hardware, software, or experience to finish a quality product in that time. By encouraging the "once a week" method, this killed many smaller channels who could not keep up and/or could not put out quality content in that time.

I'm glad they shifted focus to quality over frequency, and I've started to see more of what I like more often on my home screen. And some of my favorite channels like Ze Frank and Veritasium can go months without a video, but I know when it comes out that it's going to be good. They don't have to stress about getting burnt out, can take plenty of time to research, take the time to craft a better end product, and the videos are still going to be relevant and watched years later. THAT is a good video, will give you a better reputation, and make you more memorable than those basically post "hey, I'm still here" videos every week.

To make an analogy, I haven't watched every Marvel movie, but I sure as hell have seen every Tarantino movie... several times.