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Other Social Media A little advice for all creators.....

Prince Prodigal

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I have been at this social media game in the music and entertainment realm for a few years solid now and I feel like I am slightly qualified to give a small amount of advice.
For the most part I have found it unhealthy to obsess over all the obvious, likes, views, comments, and of course, the ubiquitous subscribers and followers!
I think the secret applies more than ever in this day and age when literally anyone with the drive and wherewithal can, and will succeed. The fact remains; the more you concentrate on something, the more energy you put into it, the more results you are bound to see. That holds all the more true if you are constantly concerning yourself with why you are lacking in, or in need of anything. You will continue to bring that energy and manifest that problem....
Besides, worrying has never once made a lick of difference. 3P LOGO.png