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YouTube Tips Strategy Moving Forward


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My Liberty Links channel focuses on a variety of issues. There's no one niche of the topic I make content on. It could be the Second Amendment issue. It could be addressing human trafficking. It could be the prolife issue. Many would find this type of strategy hard, but I've stuck with it because the issues really are what drive my passion for creating. As far as developing an SEO strategy moving forward, this is all kind of a learning process for me. I'll take any kind of tips and advice you can give. Right now I'm just continuing to enjoy doing what I'm doing, knowing I'll make plenty of mistakes along the way:)


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Depending on your positions on these different issues, you may end up being a political channel which attract some huge views. A political channel with a particular leaning covers a wide variety of topics you listed.

Or you may cover national or world affairs. That is a niche of sorts that is being created by the videos you release.


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In my research, broad focused channels can yield great results but at the expense of taking much longer to get there. The general advice seems to be to focus on 1-2 topics, cover them as much as possible and then slowly introduce other topics over time. One of my channels is very broad focused and like you I'm just enjoying putting content on the channel, I'm in it for the long run so any short term success doesn't concern me.....anymore. ;)


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In my research, broad focused channels can yield great results but at the expense of taking much longer to get there.
Just wanted to quote myself here to say that yes... good things can happen down the road. One of my videos on my broad based channel has always had a decent click through rate and I wondered why YT wasn't recommending it more. Well... about 4 months later, YT has been pushing it massively recently causing a lot of views and subscriber growth. Thanks to this one video alone the channel is now way ahead of my projections! I've always read one video can grow a channel... now I'm understanding how that can happen.


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@MediaMan you are lucky to get your channel growth by a single video. Not all are having that fortune.
@LibertyLinks I respect the patience you are showing by keep on choosing different topics. I also did this, in my early days. Well I get the subscribers, but not that much of views count. Although my channel got monetized last month. Still I am going on. I love to shoot and post videos, creating contents. But one thing that helped me is @TubeBuddy Staff , from where I was just observing and making the strategies. Well, to be clear, I never took the subscription, but still it helped me a lot. May be, if I would had taken, then the growth of my channel would have reached certain heights what every youtuber expect for. Any ways, buddies, keep on youtubing..