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YouTube Question Question abot priority of shorts for NEW YouTube creators ......


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Hey, all:

Just curious what you all say on this one.

I know that on the suface stuff can sound obviously true, but you never know..............

For those of us who are new channel creators, of course shorts are a great opportunity, but Nate of
Channel Makers brought up a good topic and that is if someone who is new gets too focused on doing
shorts vs just on learning to make better content and get better at that, that it can end up being more
harmful than helpful and I am just wondering how you all feel abut his philosophy?

Or, do you all have some other strategy for growth and learning to get better that you would encourage?


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I respect Nate a lot. I enjoy his insights and creativity. Shorts is here to stay and most creators should dip their toes in the water to get some experience to get some options. I think it requires skill and talent to make really good Shorts but I am not convinced that it is "harmful" to anyone in the traditional sense. It is simply that you just never get the skill and experience to do long-form well and your time and energy is drawn away.

Now that the different video tabs has been split up, there are things I don't like. Shorts have no obviously dates under the title and the description info is really hard to get to. It is just a vertical video with no thumbnail and barely any title to view. For now, I am done with Shorts.

I will occasionally make short or vertical videos but it will not be a SHORT. I am taking a pause on that. I don't like the way I have to think and create in order to get a Short to perform. It is a distraction for me to make really focus on community and a relationship. Trying to make good videos in under 30 seconds is not really where I want to direct my energies.

I think anything you want, you get better at by focus. But I am not going to get good if I split my time too much. I care about monetization and deep relationships so that means staying focused on long-form videos and perhaps start experiment with a few livestreams.

Tito Tim

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For my main channel (travel and expat) I do not mess with shorts. My target demographic is really not interested in shorts, and the shorts audience mostly do not want to watch long form content of an old man talking about life after retirement...

But my new channel (teaching magic) does use shorts a little. I need to do more, I think. It is a better topic for shorts. I can do a quick trick, and if they want to see more they can go to the full video, and the blog. But it is so much extra work for me... I am not sure how many I will do. I certainly will not be overly focused on shorts.

I can see how people do, though. With zero subscribers, my very first video was a short and got almost 2,000 views on the first day. For a totally new channel - not too bad. Still not convinced they are worth the extra trouble.