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TubeBuddy Suggestion Improve "Share tracker" feature


New Member
Suggestion Name: Advanced share tracker tool

Suggestion Description:

Today, to post on social media with a scheduled YT video (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) , I have two options:
- Use social media built-in schedule manager, it works but :
- I have to repeat the action as many time as social media I target
- I have to manually refresh the link thumbnail on facebook afer the pusblish on YT
- Use TB promotion tools. It works very well, but :
- I have to do it after each post on youtube, can't schedule it
- For facebook, I use TB mobile app
- For twitter I user browser extension.
- I publish in french so... I have to translate all manually by post.

My suggestions are pretty simple:

- Allow us to schedule share trackers to promote ourselves
- Allow us to add custom templates for share trackers by social media
- Maybe add instagram ?

Any example images:
I got no image but I imagine templates like that:

Nouvelle vidéo : {{ video_title }}

Par ici : {{video_url_link}}


#gaming #letsplay #bestFansOfTheWorld (only 62 huh)

Why should it be added?:

This kind of tools should shortner our promotion time :)

PS: Sorry for my english !