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Gear Opinion Reallusion iClone


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Anyone have experience with iClone? I have seen some stuff online making use of it, and have been thinking of possibly making the jump if it could work for what I want. As it stands now, I don't have the time to do extensive editing for videos. Even now for this channel, it takes hours to edit audio for a 5 minute video, place text, etc. It's doable, but I still feel it is a bit lifeless with mainly static images. I voice two characters and just have the 2D images of them on screen.

Enter the iClone possibility. It's a motion capture application that uses the LIDAR from the iPhone, and feeds that information to the computer for animation of 3D or 2D models. With this possibility, I could now give some visual performance to the videos instead of mainly just audio entertainment. All without having to learn to animate (which I don't know), and taking the time to animate (which by itself is a lengthy process).

The downside? First, it's not cheap. By itself, the program is $549. There are several add-ons that might be needed, and they are hundreds of dollars each. If I go the 2D route, I'd also have to get Cartoon Animator 5 which is $129, plus may have to get more drawings of my characters which will be a couple hundred dollars. If I go 3D I can use UE5 (which I believe would be free), but getting models made would probably cost about $1000... or more. The second is that I know nothing is as simple as it seems, and that there would still be a learning curve plus actual creation time. Not to mention I might have to get new hardware to render it all...

The upside? Aside from having videos be more visually appealing (the main point of video), it can open the door for many possibilities including other cinematic stories I've been wanting to work on. Yes it will definitely add precious time to what I'm doing, but if it is manageable and makes for a better end result I feel it could be worth it.

What I'd like to know is if anyone here has experience using this for what I want to achieve, and find out if it will be worth looking into further. Thank you.