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Need Advice Should I Migrate 2 Similar Channels


New Member
I started on YouTube 3 years ago talking about a heart condition that I found out I had that no one was talking about. I gained about 548+ Subs, at the end of last year i started posting content about another topic and some subscribers asked me to talk about the heart so I decided to split my channel into 2 topics. Now I am regretting it because my growth has stopped on my main channel because the heart condition has leveled out and I don't have many topics to speak about. The new channel has 223 subscribers which are great but if I could have them added to my original that would be ideal.

So my question is should I close down my newer channel and migrate everything to 1 channel? The channel is more or less my health journey. It's forever evolving but I think I understand my direction with some sprinkles of life updates. I know I will lose subs but putting time toward 1 channel seems doable and have different playlists for the topics. But everyone says to pick a topic I am unsure how you chose a health journey in the mix. The goal is to grow the channel, build guides to sell, affiliate marketing, mentor, and coach my learnings with new people starting their weight loss journey.

Orginal Channel (youtube.com/gettingepic)
- Heart Topic (Issue is leveling out)
- Pre-Weight Loss Journey (Videos are hidden)
- Medial Reviews (Reviews are inconsistent)
- COVID-19 Reviews (Fading)
- Meat Box Reviews (bi-monthly)

New Channel (youtube.com/gettingepicvsg)
- VSG Weight Loss Surgery
- Binge Eating (coming soon)
- Mental Health (coming soon)
- Workout equipment (coming soon)
- Meal Prep / Cooking (coming soon)

I want to prove that you can do things in life even though everything is against you. You can find a way around it and make it work. I would love to hit 1k subs and start really growing. I don't need to make any money straight away. I would like to build a community first and then move from there.

Thanks for any comments or feedback. I feel like having 2 channels is pushing my mindset.