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Amazon product channel


New Member
I'm a fan of Amazon and I try to grow my business all the time, not only in terms of YouTube but also in terms of sales. I've had my personal Amazon account for a long time, but I haven't had any successful sales. I haven't done much promotion. Now I've decided to spend a little more time developing my personal account and increasing my income on this marketplace. I searched a lot of information online, but it was hard to find useful information. I was interested in the article on myrealprofit.com and I can say that this is the most article I found.


Very Well-Known Member
hello tubys i am new here and i recently launched a amazon product's channel, its hard to me to rank my videos.
Your channel is basically a very broad based topic channel due to misc reviews of anything. Your channel can still be wildly successful, but based on my research and experience, it's a very....slow.... process. Also, depending who you believe... adding amazon links to your desc or first comment can lead to YouTube not recommending your videos as much.