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Amazon product channel


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I'm a fan of Amazon and I try to grow my business all the time, not only in terms of YouTube but also in terms of sales. I've had my personal Amazon account for a long time, but I haven't had any successful sales. I haven't done much promotion. Now I've decided to spend a little more time developing my personal account and increasing my income on this marketplace. I searched a lot of information online, but it was hard to find useful information. I was interested in the article on myrealprofit.com and I can say that this is the most article I found.


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hello tubys i am new here and i recently launched a amazon product's channel, its hard to me to rank my videos.
Your channel is basically a very broad based topic channel due to misc reviews of anything. Your channel can still be wildly successful, but based on my research and experience, it's a very....slow.... process. Also, depending who you believe... adding amazon links to your desc or first comment can lead to YouTube not recommending your videos as much.

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hello tubys i am new here and i recently launched a amazon product's channel, its hard to me to rank my videos.
Are you an Amazon Affiliate? Just FYI. You can post your links in the description of the video. I can guide on this process if you need help understanding how to do it.

I am sorry to say that product review channels on YouTube are not what they once were. Three or four years ago, they were very successful, but today, not so much. It is nearly impossible to rank in the YT algo on them because they don't follow the Holy Grail (puke) of genre-based content. YT's algo is stupid when it comes to this. :mad: YouTube wants you to create a channel entirely based on one subject. So if your channel is about "Stupid girls tripping and falling down" (Just an example), that is the only kind of video they want you to post. YouTube wants, no they DEMAND, that you cram yourself into a nice little box so they can categorize you as this or that. It is the most disgusting thing I hate about YouTube, but it is the way it is. Amazon product channels post about a wide array of products. This confuses YouTube's stupid algorithm and it does not know how to categorize your channel because it does not fit into one of its little boxes.

It will be slow, but you can do it. Monetize through Affiliate Links though, because you will never make any money on YouTube from ads.

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Hay! Are you an Amazon seller? Are you really concerned about what to sell on Amazon? I've been an Amazon seller of several brands for over 8+ years, and I know how hard it is to see your failing products if they are not selected after extensive market research. That's why, I have shared my experience with the best-selling products on Amazon. Read it out and quench your thirst.