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Educational Channel Wanting to Form a Small Group for Check-Ups and Advancement of What We Do

Success is The Goal

New Member
User name: Success is The Goal
Title: Wanting to Form a Small Group for Check-Ups and Advancement of What We Do
Age: 24+
Type of collaboration: The idea is to form a small group of like-minded people who are already immersed in their YouTube Channel to check on each other's work from thumbs, titles, descriptions, community forum posts, affiliate link promotions, and the other essentials needed to grow and advance our channels and businesses.
Preferably you are business minded and have a good understanding that this is about tweaking, tuning, and advancing what we do.
This will not be about educating someone who is just starting out their journey.
Amount of Subscribers: 1,015
Ways to contact you: Use the Thread Reply or send me an email directly to tkdinstr@gmail.com. Make sure to include TubeBuddy in the title to avoid being deleted with the spam...I do check all spam just in case.
Why should they collaborate with you: My business background and my goals for success are evident in my work. I am committed and passionate about everything I do! My work ethic has been built by decades of self-employment experience but I don't know everything.
My Mission is to help people to master their communication skills to reach higher levels of success in school, work, and life!
I am also a higher education instructor who brings a broad and diverse life experience of owning and operating six businesses that all had one thing in common, communication.
With two Master's Degrees, four Post-Graduate Certifications, countless hours of developmental seminars and courses, and earning a Master Instructor's Belt in Taekwondo, I have a well-liked and unique teaching style that I've used to teach nearly 1,200 college students successfully.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SuccessisTheGoal