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TubeBuddy Suggestion Have score icons next to keywords in the tag lists to easily ID which ones are best


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I love the keyword grading feature but it's hard sometimes when you create a tag list of good keywords for a video topic to know which one is the best one(s) to use in the title. Especially for those who like to do keyword research way ahead of time, and then have a big long list of keywords and no idea which ones are better and which ones could be left off.

If TB could add some way of adding keyword scores on the tag lists the way it does in the "suggested keywords" when you're actually uploading (in the tag section), it would streamline things so much and make it easier to make good choices on what should be in the title & description, especially if you have way more keywords than you have space for in the tags. The ability to sort by keyword score would also be awesome.

Hit the thumbs up on my post if you think this would be helpful. Here's an illustration of what I mean:



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I remember (vaguely) a couple years ago that there was a feature that not only suggested related keyword/tags, but showed the number of searches for that word in the past month or so in a list format with checkboxes that could be checked and added when done selecting. I also remember it wasn't easy and straight forward to get to, but now it seems that it is no longer there. I found it very useful as not only did it show what was relevant, but what could have the most impact and the ability to add all the important ones at once.