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Need Advice Start a new channel or keep the old one? (stalker content)


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A few years ago I had a stalker who I used to work with who hated my guts. He got fired for being stupid and I was part of that firing. He decided to follow me around on the internet for about 2 years stalking, threatening, and bullying me multiple times a week until I finally got a restraining order granted and served to him.

I found out that he's a professional troll and does this to a lot of people quite frequently. Sad really. It's the usual troll story : block him, delete his comments, and then he'll pop up with another account saying the same things and doing the same garbage. I'm an author and so I have books around on the internet and do audio books too. The amazon and barnes and noble pages were trashed with bad reviews from several of his accounts and my audio books on youtube were trashed with horrible comments too. I don't know if he has several computers or phones or what, but it's all the same rhetoric and same broken grammar/misspellings so I know it's him. It seems he doesn't look me up by my pen name, but rather searches for my email address and youtube name.

Anywho, I took a break from all of my YT stuff to kind of re-center myself (it messed with my head quite a bit) and haven't released anything to YT in a couple of years. I have been working on new audiobooks and they're finished, but I don't want to be subject to this kind of torment any more. I realize there are trolls everywhere but they're usually not as demented as this guy/this kind of troll.

My YT channel currently has about 200-300 subscribers since 2010 (maybe some of them are dead accounts now), and I'm not monetized. I usually have about 1k views per video, and maybe 50-100 likes per video.

My question is - will creating a new channel be like climbing up hill? Will my material be buried and not discovered as easily? Or do I risk uploading to my old channel, where I'm sure he's watching, waiting for an opportunity to climb under the trip wires undetected/hidden IP to harass me without being tracked so he doesn't violate his order?

On one hand, perhaps it's safer to create a new anonymous channel with a new pen name. But if I use my old channel, and just say screw it, I at least have a couple hundred subscribers who will see the content for sure.

Will only 200 subscribers make a difference? Does length of membership matter in being discovered? I just don't want to go back to 4 views per chapter/book again.

What's the best way to get a new youtube channel off the ground and running right away?

What would you personally do?


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The sad truth is, today's internet is stalker friendly. So many tools they can use to make anyone's life a living hell. Unless personal "named" fame is important to you, I would certainly press the reset button and start from scratch and not use my personal name anywhere with anything I produce. I would do the books, audio books, etc, under an alias. And ofcourse use a new address preferably from a different state.

If you re-publish your old content, you'll need to re-title them as well otherwise you're just making it to easy for him to find you again.

Yah, 300 subs would not stop me from moving forward with the complete reset. And ofcourse it's not going to be a quick process to get eyeballs, subscribers to your new channel. You're thinking long term success anyway right?

I would also leave the old channel there and kind of use that as a way to trick the stalker, just put unimportant content on there once in a while to make it look like you're still there being active. Hell, if you've banned him, unban him so he can see his comments. Let him think he's doing you harm, etc, stalkers love seeing their comments publicly. The worst thing you could do imop is delete the channel or just leave it alone. That would 100% signal to the stalker you are doing something different which would motivate him to find you again.

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Keep on pushing on the same channel. But you may start a new channel if you have a new idea different from your current channel purpose.