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Opinion do you want praise or do you want criticism? want to keep or improve?

Wilson IS

Familiar Member
Subscriber Goal
I'm new to the forum and I noticed that some people make their posts but are not prepared to receive criticism simply because they can't extract the essence of what is said.
If you ask the community a question about your channel/video/thumbnail and a community member takes the time to rate it and makes a review, at the very least we should also take the time to assess whether that review is unfounded. .
So if you've already received some praise but you're not getting the results you want, isn't it time to get some criticism?
I believe that anyone who is on the forum or wants to learn about some feature to improve, or wants to help someone or has problems and wants to find some solution.
If you have problems with your channel/video/thumbnail do you want a compliment to keep you on the same level or a criticism?


Known Member
I always respond with my honest opinions be it a compliment or criticism. And I would certainly want to be treated the same.

Tito Tim

TubeBuddy Star
Well when I hear the word criticism in regards to YT, my first thought is 'analysis or judgement of creative work', not 'finding fault'. Depends on what you mean by criticism, and how it is given.