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how do i improve the odds of more people watching my premiere when it goes live?!

DigiDesign Zina

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Hey, I think that you can do one thing with TubeBuddy and that’s try to get the Seo score as high as possible.
I think the important thing is to build a community on your channel and promote your video on your channels so that people knows about the video

Nody | Team TB

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is there a way I can use TubeBuddy to help me with the odds of my premiere being a successful one?
There's no specific tool when it comes to premiere however, the best you can do is just optimized your videos well, make sure your keyword research is top notch and Thumbnail! These are some of the important factors for videos as they will help you in the discovery.

Other than that, try making a discord server or a small group where people are made aware of your videos so they stop by at your premieres etc.