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Facebook Posting on social media hurting the YouTube algorithm

Happy on the way

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I find this a little confusing as well. There is literally a function in TubeBuddy called Share tracker that helps you ensure that you DID share your video to facebook, twitter, etc.

Spray Paint David

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Well based on what I learned is that YouTube looks into to the viewers watch history and if the viewer likes it based on time spent on the video/videos then they try to share it with similar minded people based in their watch history.

So sharing it to like minded people is good, let’s say you create art videos, sharing them to art forums and art Reddit’s or Twitter can be good.

But if you do art and start posting it on Gaming, movie or animal niches that could make the algorithm confused as now many different type of people are looking at your videos and it could struggle to figure out who to show it to. And end up showing them to wrong crowd and end up cutting your watch time and sending your exposure down.


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I used Share Tracker from TubeBuddy to share my content on social media so I don't think that you can hurt the algorythm of YouTube. I can agree with what Spray Paint David says. If you post your video in the wrong category that has absolutely nothing to do with it, the algorithm cannot do anything with it and will actually work against you. So it's a good idea to check your video every time, especially if you have different subjects in each video, to see which category it belongs under that video so that YouTube's algorithm can pick it up and share it with other people who have an interest in the subject.