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Need Advice Trying to go VIRAL for a 2nd time!


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What's up y'all

I want to share with y'all my short story and try to recreate what I did before, because I don't know what I did to get a million views in just 1 week

So basically about last winter I made a TikTok account and a YouTube just as a joke, to troll some random people and just have fun, never took it seriously

I have a plush turtle that has a really dumb face, I bought it as a present for my little sister from Germany in 2014

I was doing some muppet shows to cheer her up because she has a disability and she's always sad

The turtle kinda grew on us, formed a, how to put it, a character and style on its own. My sister told me why don't you make videos with John (turtle's name is John)

So I began. I basically started doing the same conversations I was doing between the turtle and my sister, uploaded it on TikTok and YouTube, and 5 of my videos got around 100-120K views each. Yes, each. Subs were around 6-7K, some people even recognized me on the streets

Things didn't take off on YouTube, never made more than 5K views on a video, and watch time slowly died there

Things took a turn, someone called at my job and complained, almost got fired and deleted everything, that pains me to this day. I think I had a chance

Can you help me recreate what I did, because all what I did, I did it in Bulgarian and all my viewers were from Bulgaria. This time I want it to be in English and I won't show my face and real name and all that

I really don't know what kicked the algorithm to work up such views in such a short notice, plus I never made it on YouTube

Thank y'all in advance