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Other What is the fastest way to upload to the internet?

Smart Depot Tech

New Member
I think uploads have to do more with your Internet speed, bandwidth and ISP optimisations. My current ISP optimises download more than upload and it sucks as
a YouTuber.

Tito Tim

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For me, my phone is faster than my home fiber, but I still use the fiber because the desktop uploading has a much better editing interface.


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I sometimes have trouble downloading a video or movie. Since I am often on the road, I need something for my tablet all the time so I don't get bored on the road. Lately I have been having problems downloading movies from websites. I thought it was my ISP, but other sites were loading fine. It turned out that my ISP was blocking the site. So I decided that the best thing to do would be to use a quality VPN. I found a discussion about reddit best vpns and decided it would not be a bad option to solve my problem. Do you use a VPN? How much does it slow down your internet?


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Definitely LAN over wi-fi. Will obviously depend on your broadband package and if you are on Fibre Optic and if you re full fibre. I use a powerline adaptor to feed a wired connection to my PC which not only improves your connections reliability but will naturally improve your speeds.