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Need Advice Advice for new YT'r


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thanks in advance for all help and replies. I've recently started a channel trying to get some success with it.... and realizing how hard it is.

I feel I know some basics, but, maybe not all basic. good thumbnails, keywords should be found in thumbnail, title and description and keyword section.

I find myself using mostly the same description layout for every video. is this very bad ? in this genre I am in (acoustic covers) I feel like I missed the boat - because there are so many incredible channels. also I am just average at doing acoustic covers... so, looking for some tips on how to take my channel to the next level.

is tubebuddy and essential tool ? can I have success without it?

my first videos were done with a camera that had a scratched lens, causing blurriness.... but I do not have replacement these videos yet ....
is it better to have less videos of good camera quality or more with (in my case) a good take of a song ?

I guess thats enough to start with. thanks!!!


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1. Doing covers is ripe for copyright strikes on YT. You may or may not get slapped, but if it does, you'll probably get slapped down for seemingly no reason. The copyright situation on YouTube is totally messed up.

2. This is not an insult but read, "How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck," by Steve Stockman. He has an entire chapter on shooting music videos. Shooting great video is the most basic of everything on YouTube. For some reason people completely skip that part. Great thumbnails and keywords can not overcome bad, hard-to-watch video.

3. Write your own songs if you ever get worried about the copyright thing.

NOTE: The above link is not an affiliate link.


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thanks for reply Damon.
yes, some songs do get a copyright,
but seems to only effect the monetary aspect of some videos (which would be nice to get to
that point - making money from the channel - but I not getting my hopes up at this point) .

the channel is good to use as a promo tool to get local live music shows.

I will definitely take a look the "How to shoot Video that does suck"
these videos are all done live on the show....
so, time is limited in setting up the camera...
my budget for good camera is limited (I am using osmo pocket camera at moment)

I do have some original songs... which I would consider adding once channel gets more successful.