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Community Thumbnail Tip of the Day

TCC learncanva4yt

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Thumbnail tip of the day - create all of your thumbnails in a single project in Canva (if you're using Canva) so you can easily replace words or pictures if you find the need to fix something quickly. Plus you can duplicate things and use them as a template for faster creations.

I love creating Thumbnails for Canva Tutorials. This video came out yesterday and it's about How to use the placeholders & some of the ways I use them for YouTube videos.

PS: that's not me. I use stock pictures because we haven't been able to get good quality images of myself without a full photo set up. I'm a faceless tutorial channel. I do plan on one day when I'm feeling okay (ie: lights aren't causing me sensitivity issues from having my picture taken) taking a lot of different pictures to replace all of the stock images I use, but until then I use what I can because I can't be out of commission for a week or two from a short photo session.