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How-To Channel I love to teach people how to use Canva especially for their YouTube channels.

TCC learncanva4yt

TCC learncanva4yt

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This is honestly a very good channel because I personally use Canva for all my thumbnails and it's amazing to see a channel dedicated to helping content creators just for that.
Thanks so much. I love creating for it although right now I'm going through some health struggles so editing videos has been a difficult challenge. However the last 3 months I've been working on getting systems in place so I could try my hand at live streaming (so I can show things without all of the heavy edits). I've done two so far and while the technical challenges for me were great, I think both went very well. The first one had max of 9 people join during the live - with average of 5 at one time. The second one had a max of 18 people at one time with a few people from the first one as well as it averaged over 7 people for the last 50 minutes of the 90 minute live stream.

It's going to take me a while to work out the brain challenges I have to switch between me being on screen 100% and switching back to Canva (I forget to reshare my screen). The first time it happened someone let me know pretty quickly, but then the second stream - it took 8 minutes to realize that I hadn't been sharing the screen because I was so focused on the teaching aspect that I looked over at my streamyard screen eveyr once in a while, but my brain didn't compute that it wasn't the right screen. But thankfully someone pointed it out and I was able to review what I had shown - and it was about that point where it jumped from 4 people watching to 9 so no harm no foul I guess. :)

My whole goal is to help people and I think the live stream will allow me to help specific people with specific questions for sure.