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Need Advice I think I could make my new video go viral


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I think I know I have a video that has potential to go viral. Just don’t know how to get it into circulation with viewers. Can anyone give me advice?
If your video is as good as you think it is, the YT algorithm will push it out naturally. But it isn't just your video. You will need to have a good thumbnail, title, etc. to help your chances.

Most creators go viral due to abnormally high viewership of its early viewers and then YT will gradually start sharing it with more people. If the viewership remains high, then YT continues and repeats. But for most mere mortals, many videos plateau out and don't hit viral status.

Most creators don't start out with a huge base of viewers, fame, or fan following.

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I agree with Matt here... if you have one of those ultra special videos then you really need to focus on making a superb thumbnail/title. The perfect video is will catch on, but it will not get what it could without the proper introduction to the viewer. You gotta compel that click.

As an aside, I feel the need to provide a word of caution; it is rare that the videos which go viral are the ones we expect to go viral. Half my channel-driving videos were never intended to be as much and even that is uncommon. Give your video it's best opportunity to thrive with an exquisite and compelling thumbnail and an enticing, thought-provoking title but don't get down on yourself if this video doesn't peak the way you expect it to.

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Remember - don't focus on the potential of viral when you create content. Focus on what you have to offer the viewer and making good content great and great content even better. You should strive to make each video better than the last.

There are two ways to look at content. One is YouTube luck. You have no control over that. The other is by working hard, improving with each video & making sure that your titles, descriptions, tags, subtitles, thumbnails, etc match what you want. Think about your target audience. Watch others in your niche and see what you can add to your content. Look at other people's thumbnails to see which ones have high views and dissect them to see why you think they have a high view count.