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YouTube Help Getting started with YouTube first 3 months


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I definitely did not have 94 subscribers at 3 months. It took me many months to get to 100 subscribers. I can't remember how long it took to get 3,000 views.

An important metric is your watch hours. But at 3 months it is way too early to be drawing any real conclusions. You are still in the very early stages.

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Focus on making each video better than the last. Focus on your why and the audience you do have. Try not to focus on the numbers of compare yourself to other channels because comparison is the thief of joy.

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Hi I’m fairly new to YouTube I’ve been uploading videos for 3 months got 3,000 something views is there something I’m doing wrong or is that good considering there’s a lot of gaming YouTubers out there
It took me something like six-months to hit 100 subs. I hit 1k on our 365th day. This is of course for reference only, every channel is different but you are doing just fine. The tell-tale sign that you are doing fine though is your view/sub ration; 3,000 views for a little over 100 videos? That doesn't happen by accident. Keep pushing, keep improving and growing and don't fret the little things. You are doing just fine.