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Declined Include advanced features in free plan.

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Nody | Team TB

TubeBuddy Staff
Subscriber Goal
include advanced features in free plan for people who don’t want to pay
I am afraid we will not be able to do that for a couple of reasons and we have a starter license for those users who do not wish to pay and sponsor upgrades! However, you can indeed give a Free trial and test those features out! And If you happen to suggest any additional features which you think should be added to our paid license, do let us know, we are all open to hearing them :)

The link which I have embedded will take you to my TB account trial, however, If you have made a recent new account with us, you can opt for Sponsor upgrades by following certain tasks and you will unlock the said license level for a week period or so.

You can find more details about the said sponsor upgrades here -

Being said this, as much as we want to do this, this suggestion will be declined due to a couple of reasons. Nonetheless, thank you for the suggestion!
Not open for further replies.