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Need Advice [GAMING CHANNEL] Get more people on my channel. Shorts? New Content? SEO class?


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My name is Bry and I've been trying to grow my channel for almost 5 years now and with every video I've posted, I cant find a fine line to follow to drive more people to my channel. Ive tried IRL content, let's plays, funny moments, tutorials.. and nothing is getting over 500 views and my subs have been under 600 for as long as I could remember. I really want to go down the road of lets playing but cant seem to bring people in. I've tried countless SEO courses, books, web seminars, and probably watched every "HOW TO GROW A GAMING AND/OR YOUTUBE CHANNEL" video out there and implemented them but still nothing. I have no other ideas so maybe someone here can look over my content and videos and see what could be improved and tips on more views and subscribers, I'd really appreciate it.

Channel link: www.youtube.com/brythebrogaming


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25 videos is nowhere near enough content to make a channel grow. You need at least 100 videos just to get your foot in the door with a goal of producing over 1,000 videos.

There is an exception to that. Take the time, learn film making, and produce very high quality videos like what you see on TV or in the movies. That kind of content cannot be produced quickly. See, there is no hack. It isn't about YouTube either.

Gaming is probably the most over saturated "niche" ever. No offense, but the early successes on gaming channels in the early days of YouTube have given people this idea that all they have to do sit , play games, throw in some SEO, and that should lead to fame, glory and riches.

I say go outside, and learn to do something else like learn to repair lawn engines or something. You'd build a channel way faster that way than concentrating on a gaming channel.


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hello, I also have a gaming channel. I think doing live streaming is the best choice to grow your channel. because we can directly interact with the audience. just follow the latest games that are being played by streamers on youtube. I got more than 100 subscribers in 1 month because of playing stumble guys
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Although gaming channels are, as others have said, the most over-saturated genre on Youtube, I must say that variety gaming is the hardest type of gaming channel to grow.

With variety of games you may get some people watch one particular video because they love that game, but if they look at your channel and see that out of all your videos you've only done 1 or 2 of that game they might not subscribe. Unless the content is really really high quality I personally don't see the point in subscribing myself.

However, if you stick to one or two games, or at the most one genre of game you will find it will become a little easier to build the channel because people that like the game have a higher chance of subscribing when they see you do regular content for that game. Of course it still need to be of good quality.

I tried variety gaming once but it flopped, and since I stuck with one game things have been really good.