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TubeBuddy The New Chapter Editor in TubeBuddy has One Limitation?


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Hello everyone,

Not sure if this applies to anyone else but I figured I'd mention it just in case because "even though in my case, it IS the obvious topic" this is not the case in every scenario because there are some "acceptable" situations where this does apply.

But I just found out that the chapter editor doesn't work on "age-restricted" videos because it will not play. It shows the warning screen, with a link to YouTube, that just takes you to the home page. So there's no way to editor the chapter like it allows in a normal video.

Just wanted to put this out there so anyone that uses these features realizes that. I'm sure not many do but it's always best to pass on information that you find out to others. And in this case, I'm probably the only one that would have found this feature restriction.