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Official How do I become a Forum Moderator?

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Hello Everyone,

We understand that many people want to help out with the TubeBuddy community! We don't have open applications for TubeBuddy Forum moderators however, we post when we are looking for moderators! If you are active you will see the posts!

Here is what we are looking for:

- Check if users are respecting our forum rules, and help enforce the forum rules.
- Check and approve posts of users (check for spam, give warnings, ban rule breakers, etc.)
- Check for community ideas and suggestions, and send them to the proper direction.
- Have a good understanding of TubeBuddy and help users better utilize the tool
- Have been active on our forums for at least one month, and have accumulated at least 100 posts.
- Moderators have a crucial job making sure the community is fun and safe for all!


In order to be an Admin, you have to be a moderator first, and then if chosen you will be contacted to be a forum administrator.

Please don't post on the forums, or message the team about mod positions, we will let you know when we have openings, and messaging us repeatedly about it will decrease chances of getting the position!

Thank you all for your time, and we hope you have a great day!

- TubeBuddy Staff
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