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Thumbnail Feedback Why Is Important Role In YouTube Videos Of Thumbnails?

mejan gaire

New Member
Most People want to best quality youtube videos. so many people want to see the best thumbnail. and they are clicking, and this is part Of SEO.
So, thumbnail is Part Of the viewers. and everybody knows about it. Best Thumbnails can help grow views of videos.
for example:
see this
  • Thumbnail says about videos
  • thumbnail introduce your videos
  • thumbnail increase your views
  • thumbnail is a magnet for viewers


Stanley | Team TB

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TubeBuddy Staff
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Roberto Blake says that Thumbnails are more important than the actual video. I hate that concept, but the reasoning is sound; if nobody walks in the door then noone gets to see the movie. They aren't really intended for the purposes of 'increasing' views... and they do not need to be highly-edited or skilled compositions. But they do need to represent the actual video (otherwise it hurts your retention and ruins your video performance) and they do need to be enticing.