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YouTube Tips I'm having a problem getting affiliate sponsors/links. Is this normal?

Amanda Summers

Known Member
I'm retired and living in a developing country. I only use my debit card in the ATM and live on my retirement. I started a crowdfunding project and got turned down for the merchant/banking part of it. Next, I've had a link for an affiliate account for a long time and never made a sale. As it turns out, I put the wrong link. Now they are redoing their affiliate program and I'm pretty sure I'm getting turned down for that since I've not been approved in over 2 weeks. When I asked if they were running my credit report the rep. said they do better; they do an 'O' report (or something like that). Is this a coincidence? Or is this a legitimate thing in the new world of AI? The last thing I charged was my plane fare out of the US; that was a long time ago.