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YouTube Question So how do you get back into making content after being busy with other priorities?

Carlos Dominguez

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So I have been slowly trying to get back into making my own content however I have been very busy but trying to find some time to make my content. what are y'alls method or idea to get out of this small rut?


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I would probably start with an "easy" short video whatever "easy" is for you. If your first few videos are only 60 seconds, then so be it. Don't make it too hard or you will never crank it up again.

I am a big believer in doing "easy" first before cranking up to "harder" videos. We have to exercise our mental muscles if we haven't used them for awhile.


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I actually took a break from YouTube for 3 years and just returned to it a few weeks ago. In preparation for returning I actually made some content in advance, I think it was roughly 4 videos. I found that this actually helped ease me back in to it because I then didn't feel the need to find time to rush content out, and if I did struggle with time then i've got content to cover me for a while. I've found this to be working for me so far.

One other thing is it may come down to what schedule you want for your channel. If you are trying to get back into content making but are very busy in other areas it's worth looking at how often you want to publish content. You may have already decided that, but it's worth starting small, then if things are going well increase the schedule to where you want it to be.

Bravestarr | Team TB

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Here's what you should know above all else. You're a new channel so you shouldn't be worried about subs, views or things like that. Focus on simply making content until you hit around 100 videos. This will give you a chance to learn how to improve your content as you go, learn how to edit better and also find a rhythm that allows you to become consistent. The average new comer on YouTube who isn't underage likely has responsibilities that keep them from having more time to be a content creator. That's why you have to just take it easy and just create content while you find that rhythm, that balance. Then later on you can start focusing on views, subs and such.


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I take a 3-7 months break each year. Since it's just a hobby to me I do it when I'm having fun and I don't when I feel a bit burned or when I'm having more fun with other hobbies or when I need to prioritize IRL. I'm currently on a long break, last video was published 5 months ago, because I have been taking courses at the university while working full time so no time for content creation.

I will most likely get back into it during the summer vacation. Getting back is usually pretty easy, since I have fun creating videos. I kind of just start doing it again when the urge get big enough.


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Start small or make small content
If you have a big content to share
Once a week is good for you
Or create a series of small content in a row and publish everyday


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I just took a year off for school and family. I came back to open arms, my fans were soooooo happy I was back! I am happy too! I made it a HUGE deal and doing a few surprises, so not just a return, but a return with TONS of surprises and goodies. Hope this helps!