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TubeBuddy Suggestion less confusing endscreen templates


New Member
DESCRIPTION: change that start time part of end screen templates to be duration
WHY: less confusing and can help pick between templates

long version:
when applying the end screens templates to my videos i found it confusing, i ended up thinking this only apply to vids like; 4min start time.. ok well now ur 20 min vid has its end screen start at 4mins, but that's not how it works, if its 20 seconds between start time and vid finished, then its 20 seconds for any video that template applies to (i think)

is there a way to change that start time part to be end screen duration, it would make it more obvious and be less confusing for new users of the feature (like me)
also it would help understanding which template u are applying if u have multiple (oh this is my 5 second template for short vids, and that 1 is my 10 second video for long vids)