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Channel Banner Feedback Version 2 of my Banner


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Channel art is obviously highly subjective but I will take a stab at this.

The text under your logo is very small and nearly unreadable. Your book cover is truncated on the right side. In any case, I think displaying the book cover once is enough. Same with your logo. Once is enough.

You don't need to display the text "YouTube Channel". People already know when they visit. I would just run with your logo text and not have duplicate text. In regards to the text of Saturday uploads, unless you feel you can be very disciplined and very consistent, you could set yourself up with a public promise you cannot keep to upload every Saturday.

The one time you miss a Saturday, the promise is broken. And the larger the viewership, the bigger the break of the promise of Saturday uploads.

However, you could commit to uploading once every week. That gives you more wiggle room than pinning it on a Saturday video post.