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Official How to Post a TubeBuddy Forum Suggestion

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Nody | Team TB

TubeBuddy Staff
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Greetings Tubebuddies! How are you all doing?

As you might have noticed in the thread which has been posted here, we are looking forward to bringing new updates and features to our forums that benefit our lovely community but for that, we'd require everyone's suggestions or ideas as to what is it that you're looking for or what option/feature you'd like to be added to our Forums.

Please do note that we do not guarantee that your suggestions or idea will be implemented. We will, definitely, do our best to implement those If we see it fits the purpose, however, most of the suggestions will be discussed publicly here and will be discussed amongst the Staff Members (Admins/Moderators/Staff) before deciding whether they will be implemented or not.

Being said this, to make it easier for everyone to suggest their ideas/suggestions, you can follow the below format, without a format, your suggestion will most likely be declined or locked without providing any sort of reason for the same.

Suggestion Name:
Suggestion Description:
Any example images:
Why should it be added?:
The timeframe for a specific suggestion to be either approved or declined or for its status to be in progress solely depends on how constructive the suggestion is and how well our discussion goes. As soon as a specific suggestion is approved/declined, Moderators/Administrators( who is overwatching the same) will reply to that specific suggestion thread and state its status.

The suggestion XX has been approved
Once the suggestion has been approved, the said changes will be implemented on real time basis If possible by an Administrators or will be forwarded to Developers for further development and implementation.

Hope this thread helps :)
Not open for further replies.