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Thumbnail Feedback A Work in Progress with slight pixilation involved

The Kitchen Gamer

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Just working on the thumbnail and got two possible designs and along with titles on it to go. I was thinking of also changing the font to that of what is shown in the main title of the game so it has a bit more tie in but overall I was just wondering what everyone thought about which one was more clickable to them etc.
Thumbnail 1.jpg
Thumbnail 2.jpg


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I am not a fan of pixelation and pixel font. However, to give context, I am also the same guy who dislikes the revival of cassette tapes, vinyl records, pixel games, movies, and TV shows. I am generally not into retro.

I grew up in the 1980s but many things that I enjoyed back then I am happy to leave in the past. I am assuming you are doing pixels to do capture a throwback or nostalgia feel?

It may be that you made the right choice for your audience. I might be the odd duck that is happy to leave the 1980s back in the 1980s.