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Gaming Channel Anyone for a collab? Another small channel like me maybe?


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User name: ShanitatorWiggy
Title: Anyone for a collab? Another small channel like me maybe?
Age: 21
Type of collaboration: Any gaming collab, I have a lot of steam games so by all means drop me a message and let me know what you play, lets work something out.
Amount of Subscribers: 21
Ways to contact you: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShanitatowWiggy
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shanitatorwiggy/?hl=en
Instant message here
email shanitatorwiggy@gmail.com
Why should they collaborate with you: I am a female gamer, which is rare, looking to find people with similar interests
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdW1oX9maUMCiHovWuLo2YA

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My name is John and I’m older since I’ve turned 42 yesterday but I play my oculus quest 2 and PCVR from steam vr, as well as a bit of red dead redemption on regular PC, with my Xbox controller. My channel is absolutely crazy so I got a beautiful 25 year old fiancée and she’s my manager now and I got 38,000 views but only 361 subs though so if you got any ideas that involve me, I’m sure I’m down. I’m johnjohns solution soldiers as my channel name and I mostly tell my ‘Bozo Chronicles’ but it’s about my 10 years of prison, fights I’ve ONLY LOST, past drug use, VR streams, crypto and stock info etc.. but I’m looking to add more content that is different from my regular stuff to hopefully grow mine and yours too, channel grow. I’m not easy content creator that is easily seeked out for a collaborative video but I’m easy going, totally changed myself around and would love to give it a try if you think my personality (from my videos) will help you out, then I’m down