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YouTube Opinion At Last! I am seeing a positive trend on all my channels.

The Jungle Explorer

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Well, as those of you know, that have seen my many threads about this subject since last July, my channel has been dying slowly in spite of my best efforts, and I am not the only one. Many tubers have been experiencing a very similar trend. The one thing some of you may not know is that I actively manage several channels in different niches, and all were seeing a similar pattern as my main JE channel. The main area of loss was in VIEWS. Well, a few days ago, somewhere it seems a switch was flipped. Every one of my channels has started seeing an unusual and noticeable rise in views. Here are couple of graphs from two of my channels that show this change in direction.

It is just a few days, but the patterns on all of my channels appeared to all change direction on March 25th, for no obvious reason. I know that I did not do anything different. In fact, I have been doing less than normal over the last month. Maybe it is just a coincedence that all my channels suddenly saw a direction change on a single day. Or maybe, it means something behind the scenes at YT changed. Only, time will tell, but for right now, it is something that appears positive.



Stanley | Team TB

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Kinda what I've been saying all along... it's just the seasonality of views. Views across the board are coming back. They'll peak mid-August and then start t drop again until this time next year. Happens every year.