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Channel Review If You Love Creepypasta and Scary Story Channels, Does this One Work for You?


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User name: spookyboo
Title of thread: If You Love Creepypasta and Scary Story Channels, Does this One Work for You?
Self review: I've been at it since 2016 and have had ups and downs. I think maybe my channel now might be too black and red but I've been experimenting trying to get views up. It used to look like a goosebumps channel so I changed it to look more mature. Now I think the older fonts are are harder to see so Im starting to use plain fonts. It's also possible my thumbnails might not be scary enough? I've seen others with less scary thumbnails zoom past me so I'm at a loss really.
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9L_5FiZHfzfaHg8UlrFAtw
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/48307/post-153555

Prompt Review

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First, you've got a wealth of videos, which is good. Second, your thumbnails look great actually, so I wouldn't say that is the issue explicitly. From my review, you've got social media links, links to your website (which I also reviewed and can offer a "commend" to how much effort and work it seems you've put into this entire channel). You've really got extra sources of traffic beefed up (quite impressive if I can admit actually). Now to the knitty gritty nuts and bolts of this review.

1) I think since you have a channel about scary stories, your titles in your videos should be changed to incorporate or capture SPECIFICALLY what the height or climax of "scaryness" or "scary moment that happened" within each video is. From the looks, you give vague title descriptions to your audience like "Saint Patricks Day Horror Stories" but you don't tell specifically within the story that will be happening. I personally am inclined to believe that if you said "Scary clown abducts woman during St Patricks Day Parade | Scary Horror Story" that kind of descriptiveness in the title of the video might get more attraction and more views.
2) Subsequently to spilling the beans in greater detail as to the high points of what each scary story or video is about, you can sandwhich your keywords and tags of your video with SEO to improve the odds of new viewers finding your video, with keywords to match like "St patricks day parade abduction ; woman gets abducted st patricks day parage ; scary clown abducts woman during st patricks day parade; etc." > > > Because right now your keywords I've noticed have a lot to do with your channel "creepypasta ; new horror stories ; etc." RATHER than full descriptive context that matches the explicit title of the video (I will note: you do have keywords that match the title of your videos but there are keywords that are not matching to the title and the explicit description of the video so I think you could take time to review and update keywords and new title changes take place)

Overall I think the channel is good, I would just maybe tighten up the Video Titles to be more descriptive and also replace keywords to match more explicit with the high points you're revealing in your videos. Those would be my two suggestions. I know you post your videos on Facebook, but maybe branch out (if you don't already, because where else you share I don't know) - but maybe consider having someone post a few of your videos on subreddits on Reddit, or if you have a Reddit account posting a few of them there. You'll have to find appropriate communities but I'm sure there are some. I checked TubeBuddy and I only saw Facebook likes on one of your videos, so that is where this suggestion does come from. Reddit can also be another outlet or powerful tool.

One last thing to note (which may not be of use but I still feel compelled to mention) is that your video lengths are kind of all over the place. Some two hours, some twenty minutes. I would try and maybe find a consistent lenght time of videos so your audience knows what to expect and can develop a rhythm of your content and its duration basically. Some people may not enjoy the sporatic nature in length. (I'm not too sure but just an extra two cents)

Thanks for letting me review your channel! Have good success and I wish you a nice day!

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I am a fan of your video style... I have personally never seen anyone do the masked storytelling approach and I think that is a totally awesome concept. Also I have to add that your media presence and digital footprint are impressive... I'll go so far as to say that I am envious of all the things you manage. You have an empire lol. VERY well done!

I do feel like you are still discovering some things though. Your channel is awesome... but your thumbnails just don't match the awesome that your presentation does. I think the banner is fine... but I also feel like there should be nothing 'fine' about your channel.

That's about the extent of my thoughts about your channel. There is nothing wrong with your banner and it isn't a big issue, it gets the point across and the most amazing banner in the world would probably make a 0% difference in the number of views or subscribers you get. It serves its purpose. But those thumbnails... honestly I want to sit down and totally revamp your entire thumbnail approach myself lol. They just do not do your channel and your content justice. If you are pulling an average of +8% CTR or have dozens over 15% CTR feel free to put me in my place; audience response to thumbnails is very subjective. But you have 100,000 views... and if you are under 3% CTR channel-wide then I would make this a big-time focus.

Especially if you have recently attained a Legend license and have access to A/B Testing!!!