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Channel Review Is my channel dying slowly?


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Here is the deal. We may think we make great videos or terrible videos. But ultimately, if you want viewership, you have to figure out who those viewers are. Also, our friends and family are not always good judges of what good or bad videos are as it relates to YT and its subsequent performance.

Your channel is about bunnies (rabbits) but are you really targeting or making videos that cater to other bunny/rabbit owners or for yourself? Having a bunch of videos about cute bunnies is sort of like having a channel full of cat videos, I think.

I have two cats. If I was going to have a cat channel, I would start researching what type of videos about cats are well-viewed to give some direction. I think there is only so many videos I could make about my cats before I run out of steam unless I injected something else (like an educational aspect) that keep people coming back.

Find out what successful channels about bunnies (rabbits) do.

You may want to revisit your titles and thumbnails too to see if you are optimizing them and maximizing your potential.

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User name: BunnyBlue
Title of thread: Is my channel dying slowly?
Self review: I feel like I make great videos (My mum tells me so...) But recently my views / impressions / subscribers have dropped off lately. I don't understand why?
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BunnyTimeBlue
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/37817/#post-122042
What Matt says is 100% true. I just recently added reaction videos to my library and they have been doing really well.

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I would do research on what other rabbit owner channels are out their and see if they have large amount of subscribers and if so, see what their thumbnails look like and what titles are used. Don't duplicate what is in your titles in your thumbnail.


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Many people have had subscribers disappearing lately. Most of them are probably bots or people with secondary accounts. I can't speak for the views, I do stuff that I think will work and I've been stuck at 70 to 130 views for 3 years and it is usually the same people watching I think. Also, check to see if your videos are not in restricted mode because that can sometimes make a difference. If you open a new incognito window and turn restricted mode on and look at your list of videos it means those videos are not visible in places like libraries and hospitals where "restricted" videos cannot be viewed. Most of mine end up falling into that category even when there is no swearing and I have to go fill out the form to get them out :/ it takes weeks, too. It's the difference between a video that has 70 views and one that has 130 on my channel.


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For some shots of the video, the vibration is too large, the quality of it would be reduced. It'd better to improve the problem of vibration.


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as a creator, you have to always look at what worked and what didn't work in a video I looked at least a dozen of your videos first looking at your most viewed ones and than moving on to your newer ones.
in your most viewed videos, you had great sound effects that coincided with your bunny's actions. it actually made me giggle a little. but then you stopped doing that for the most part. I'm not sure if you want this to be your thing but people will subscribe and wait for the next video if they know there going to get a cute chuckle out of it.
I don't think your channel is doing as much as you are no longer giving the content your viewers want.


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What Matt says is 100% true. I just recently added reaction videos to my library and they have been doing really well.
I just started adding tutorial videos to my channel the first of December 2022 so I'm a newbie. What are "reaction videos"