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Thank you TubeBuddy! If you have some time , check this out!


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I remember when i joined this site i had like 20-30 subscribers. Now i am at 760 and my goal is to reach 1k. All i want to say is that i dont know how much it helps publishing my videos here and if really someone clicks them but for what i am sure is that the tubebuddy extesion has helped me a lot. The ideas that they provide ,they searching clicks, they extra tags that they suggest you and the plan they have is just enough to help everyone. I havent upgrade it but now that i am willing to hit those 1k , i will propably give a try. I will post below my latest video , if someone want to check it out and even subscribe after that , i would really appreciate it. Help me make this dream come true! :) Thank you

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65zaB86XgdQ&ab_channel=CertifiedViralTikToks