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Movies/TV Do You have a favourite YouTuber?

Daily Dose of Fun

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I was wondering what gets people's attention in a way, that they refer to them as favourites.
Do You have a favourite YouTube channel? If so, why do You think that channel is the best?
Is there anything that You can use from that channel in Your life or videos?
Looking forward to Your answears! :)
(If you write my channel as your favourite you instantly get the "Love" emoji! ;))


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I have a number of favorite channels, usually all gaming, I love Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and The game theorists (all four variants of their channel). I enjoy these channels because they are all different, and because they all make me smile in one way or another.

When I was 12 years old, I lost my nanar, and I went through a pretty tough time until i stumbled upon these channels. They helped me get through a severe depression, and I honestly think I would not be here without them.

I made my channel because there are other people out in the world who are like me, and if I can put a smile on someones face, and help them through a tough time like these channels did for me, I have acheived my YouTube goal.


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I love sports channels like Schooly, Highlight Heaven, and Ding Productions. Also enjoy watching MrBeast, Ryan Trahan, and Faze Rug for IRL content.

Bush Jesus TIPS

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YouAlwaysWin without a doubt, most YouTubers I'll get into for a few weeks sometimes months, but I haven't missed a YouAlwaysWin video in well over 7 years


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I enjoy a variety of channels, but xxxtentacion is my favorite. I frequently watched his videos and concerts before he passed away. I wear xxxtentacion hoodies because I am a huge fan and will always remember him.

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Neverknowsbest is my favorite. The dude has knowledge of what seems like any topic ever, and weaves it into his game analysis in ways unlike I've ever seen.