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Video Review Am I Boring?

Yours Truly

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User name: Yours Truly
Title of thread: Am I Boring?
Self review: How is this video? I try to be funny and entertaining, but I feel like I come across on camera as really boring. What do you think? If you stumbled across my video, would I make you want to watch more, or would you think I'm boring and click off?
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://youtu.be/yAYy6c7afDI

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/46718/post-14807


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No, I just would cut out that intro make it transparent & show up while you are talking. Some people may click off or skip over it. I would cut out the umms & uuuh though. Also maybe add a little background music to the background.

Stanley | Team TB

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I totally agree with @TrVlogs here... it is a matter of personal opinion but 9 times out of 10 I am not a fan.

What I will say is that you need to jump in and really hook the viewer in that first few minutes. Throughout the video you do a really good job of editing in the 5 min video clips... that is a real cool way of breaking things up and keeping the video interesting. Having some stuff like that in the beginning will go a long way towards keeping the viewer engaged. Far more valuable than an intro. Also a matter of personal preference but something to consider would be to add a little background music when editing. Would help to keep things lively. And I again agree with TrVlogs in that cutting out some of the Ums and Ahs would not only improve your cadence but it would serve to keep your video lively. Also... sorry but you gotta pull that smoke alarm!

You have some 'video/audio' things that could use some improvement... but that is it. Your personality is wonderful, don't change a thing. You are very engaging and you have a solid presence on camera. You are anything but boring! Never say that again!

Also... just needed to point out that your thumbnail was REALLY good IMO. I am curious what your CTR/Impressions are on that. Well done.